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The ArtList Christmas Carnival Press Release


The ArtList Christmas Carnival was a one night show co-­curated by Roya Sachs and Astrid de Maismont, showcasing works, installations, and performances by Nobutaka Aozaki, The Bumby’s, Jen DeNike & Damien Echols, Sebastian Errazuriz, Robert Lazzarini (Grey Area), Arcangel Surfware, and Bazaar Teens. The event took place at the historical Paul Rudolph townhouse in the Upper East Side, and focused around the concept of consumer culture during the holiday season.

Each artist was invited to take over a different space in the house to develop on themes of commercialism, consumerism, and over­saturation. The space mimicked that of a carnival-like shopping mall, in which audience members were encouraged to bargain and buy products from the artists, all of which will be for sale. We aimed to depict the “magic” of the season ­ with its spirit and over­powering atmosphere, all whilst surfacing themes of self­reflection and the underlying false expectations of the season.